Air Display iPad App Update

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

A common proverb of Mac users sounds like this „Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back”. Another proverb says that once you start using a second display monitor it will be hard for you to go back and use just one. When I travel and I have my laptop with me I really miss not having the second monitor. The solution comes with an iPad application called Air Display which makes your tablet a second monitor using the wireless. Avatron Software are the developers of this clever application and they just updated Air Display a few weeks ago.

Air Display iPad App Update Air Display iPad App Update Picture

If you want to benefit from this application you will have to download the two iPad apps and the Air Display desktop. Using a menu item you can control from your Mac the system preference that the software is going to install. For the second monitor connection you have two options you can make an ad hoc network or you can make it through WiFi.

After testing other shared monitors applications for iPad we discovered that Air Display application is sharp when you want to move between displays. Although when you are in the active iPad display mode of your second monitor you will experience some lag and choppiness.

Air Display iPad App Update Air Display iPad App Update Picture

A feature that Air Display has is that you can watch Flash video on the iPad when you are connected despite not as fluent as you would like in viewing. In mouse performance Air Display showed us some really nice mouse capabilities with the screen refresh rate that delivered no perceivable choppiness and that really liked us in Air Display iPad application.

This application can be used in landscape mode or in portrait mode and it looks like the developers have cleared out the bugs from switching orientations with this Air Display iPad app update. When you are in a hotel or on the road and you want a second display to improve your productivity we sincerely recommend this application. We consider that this is one of the finest iPad applications for iPad monitor sharing but at its price of $9.99 you must know that this is not the perfect solution because of its lag that you will experience in performance, especially when you want to move between displays. Air Display is really great as an iPad application, but it has to be on your workflow level to please you.