Cloud-Word App for iPad

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

An update has been released by the creators of a very clever cloud established app called Cloud-Word. After putting the Cloud-Word app for iPad through it’s figures we are very impressed. Because of its visual graphics that are very fine and original for a note taking application you should prepare to enjoy this app. It has animations that appear as the cans of your saved notes that you will like very much.


What we really like at this app is the ingenuity and vision that the engineers of Cloud-Word had when they thought about it. The design it’s not only good-looking also it’s simple to use. When you will tap on a cloud container you want to work you will discover the touch navigation of Cloud-Word is immediate and bondless.

Cloud-Word it’s more than a text writing app and gives you more than the aptitude of just writing texts as it also has an ample dictionary for hints when writing your document or in inquiring for your project. You will find fast the correct word and even acronyms to obtain watch you are searching for. The sidebar design is made to cloak and expose with just a tap of the iPad and all of your choices about text adapting are just a tap away.

You can continue where you stopped last time just touching on your cloud and all things are there and it opens quickly. Cloud-Word allows you really easy to send your document through email by just tapping your cloud and selecting it and that is what we like it very much. For sending email documents to myself or someone else I use this app very fast and practically. While changing between modes you can audit you text which you can record using Cloud-Word that lets you make an audio file.

Next there will be listed all the features on the iTunes App Store:

-Create an Essay/Documents/Outlines/Q&A/Reviews/Notes Quickly

-Edit text easily. –Insert picture. –Record/play Audio While working in all modes.

-Memorize tool. –Unique Organizer file

-Special Effects (Glossary Benefits, Sky ”Clouding”).

A manual with the instructions that can teach you all the things that can make you to embody this application into the continuity of your work is available on the developers’ website. In the app store you can find this productivity iPad application available for 1.99$.