Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

Dolphin HD Browser Dolphin HD Browser Picture

The developers from MoboTap had released a new application named Dolphin HD Browser app for iPad. For displaying and rendering content this ingenious browser app for iPad, called Dolphin HD Browser, was developed alongside Safari. Distinctively at Dolphin HD Browser iPad app is that its browsing is tabbed and the gestures are integrating with the iPad tablet really nice. Only a few days ago Dolphin HD Browser iPad app has been launched since then it was a popular third-party browser for Android. The developer venture capital has been raised with $10 million and that shows us that he has ambitious plans for this iPad application.

Thanks to its nice features and ingenious approach Dolphin HD Browser iPad application it’s a good competition for the default Safari browser. The missing tabs is a weak point of Safari and that could make it loose the battle. With Dolphin you can easily navigate through tabs, bookmarks and pages.

Dolphin HD Browser Dolphin HD Browser Picture

Things We Like About This iPad App

A really nice feature that Dolphin HD Browser iPad app has is the full screen button that with just one tap makes you forget all the distractions and it really looks great on my iPad 2 tablet. The web zine feature gives you nice news content in a magazine style design for a simple reading. Working with this app and watching its gestures really enjoyed us. The game changes when you want to swipe left and right to see the saved bookmarks or to view your most recent tabs. In the future updates we want to see some improvement in swiping. If Safari wants to catch up with Dolphin they will need to update and to add the tabbed browsing. Applications like Dolphin HD Browser iPad app could really take off if the developers from Apple advised a browser choice and not only the default Safari browser.

This Browser App for iPad is Solid

Thorough the Dolphin HD Browser iPad app experience for navigating the web really liked us. The browsing experience will change if you choose to use Dolphin HD Browser due to its good-looking design and the fine navigation through the tabs. Until the developers from Apple will update their browser, Safari, with those features that makes Dolphin the winner, we surely choose Dolphin instead of Safari.

On the iTunes application store you will find the dolphin hd iPad app for free.