FAQs on video-hosting platforms – what is to know about them?

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The video game industry has significantly changed in the past couple of years, with new, eye-catching games being introduced to the market every once in a while. The number of gamers has also increased and many of them even make money out of testing and playing various games before the big companies in the industry make those games available to the large public. There are even online video-streaming platforms, such as DingIt, where beginner and advanced gamers can watch live streaming videos of others playing their favourite game in order to learn some new techniques, strategies and improve their gaming experience. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions you and other newbie gamers may have on these video-hosting platforms.

FAQs on video hosting platforms what is to know about them

What exactly is a game streaming platform?

If you are new to the gaming world, you should know that there are many ways in which you can improve your gaming experience and reach a higher level within the game faster and with less effort and one of the best tools to use is a video-hosting platform. Here you can find not only game videos of the one you are playing right now, but also live streaming videos. A game streaming platform is a site that provides access to gamers who want to broadcast the game they are playing live in order for other gamers to watch it.

Do people actually spend time watching these videos?

Well, the answer lies in the numbers. There are millions of viewers who access these platforms on a monthly basis. There are studies that show that gamers are probably the most engaged audience, as they spend nearly 20 hours each week watching live streaming videos.

What games do gamers watch?

This obviously depends on each gamer’s taste. There are various videos available on these online platforms that meet with every viewer’s interests and needs. Competitive games such as e-sports are at their heyday, as they encourage gamers to engage in world tournaments and reward them with interesting prizes. League of Legends and DOTA are only two very good examples. Speedrunning, creative experiments such as Pokémon, or Minecraft are other types of games that gamers usually watch.

What do video game companies think of these platforms?

The number of people interested in watching game videos and live streaming videos has known rapid increase lately, so game developers and companies have learnt to adapt to customers’ needs. They saw a great opportunity in these video-hosting platforms as they understood they could use them as a means of communication with their customers. These platforms are used even in major gaming conferences in order to stream announcements and panels.

Who are the players?

A good part of gamers who live stream their gaming are regular players who simply want to share for their friends. However, there are also users who get paid by these video-hosting platforms as they live stream, on the condition that they reach a certain number of viewers on their channel.

All things considered, these are some of the most frequently asked questions many beginner gamers have when it comes to online video-hosting platforms.