GMO Busters HD Game App for iPad

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

Swift Development is a Turkish developer that updated recently their amazing and unique design iPad app game called GMO Busters HD. The GMO Busters HD game app for iPad has it concept originated from the great, amazing, fun and successful Angry Birds app.

Even though this iPad app has the same game concept like the Angry Birds app, and is as fun as this one is, it spreads a more meaningful and organic message. Your principal task in the GMO Busters HD game app for iPad is to vanish and destroy any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). This iPad app game is based on the controversy made by GMOs around the globe, and the US oppositions to the food that has been genetically modified. The GMO Busters HD game app for iPad makes you become an activist in defeating GMO’s. The story of this iPad app game make you interact intensively against the concept of genetically modified food. Your characters are BIO tomatoes that fight against GMO tomatoes.

GMO Busters HD Game GMO Busters HD Game Picture

You can cut them, toss and slice the altered and genetically modified tomatoes in this iPad app game using a bloody Ninja style. Your priority mission is to banish the extinction of GMOs. You have to defeat them all just to protect mother earth. You can watch below some videos demos to see what all is about, but I’m pretty sure that after you play this funny game you will become an interactive activist in banning GMO’s forever.

GMO Busters HD Game GMO Busters HD Game Picture

You will also love this iPad app game because is HD. Its graphics and art work have the highest quality and the background music is pleasant and will make the game funnier. In the GMO Busters HD game app for iPad you have a limited number of levels, but when you will purchase it for free from the app store you can also buy more In-app packages so you can play it longer, for more than 100 additional levels. Because it’s for free you can have its additional packages for only 1.99$. So don’t think about it any longer! This game will blow your mind, like Angry Birds did, and it’s a funny way to become an eco costumer. Great graphics, enjoyable music, funny art work and a story that is sending to the entire community a message: this is actually GMO Busters HD game app for iPad.