iPad 2 Case

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

The Smart Cover of Apple protects only the front of the iPad 2 device. Since the back of the iPad 2 was left unprotected, XGear has thought to design a case that works alongside with the Smart Cover. Therefore, the XGear Smart Cover enhancer compliments the Smart cover and adds protection to the front of your iPad 2. This enhancer protective back case is compatible with the Smart Cover of Apple, so it snaps on to the rear of the iPad to offer protection for both the front and back of your device.

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This iPad 2 case by XGear is simple and fast to install to your mobile device and you don’t have to give up the features offered by Apple Smart Cover. The enhancer back cover for the iPad 2 features a thin profile and is completely flat. Using this protective back case you can even make your iPad 2 to stand up for video viewing. The XGear Smart Cover enhancer case for iPad 2 is available in black or clear colors and if you want it, you can buy it for a retail price of $34.99 or search for a better price on the web.