Jukka Askare Game for iPad

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

Jukka Askare Game for iPad Jukka Askare Game for iPad Picture

During the holidays I really like to play game, making this a favorite activity for me. These holidays I’ve found a new game that is nice and the kids will love it called Jukka Askare Game for iPad. This game is about a nice classic wooden toy and has just been released and its developers are from Finland. Jukka Askare has been played for almost 85 years by Scandinavian children.

You will love this game if you have kids because they will enjoy this amazing unique interactive game. Jukka Askare Game for iPad is educational in the same time giving the 3-4 year old children the chance to learn the shapes, sizes and geometry while they’re trying to fit different shapes into matching holes. Jukka Askare Game for iPad has some intelligent developers that smartly integrated real-life sounds and graphically pleasing animations in it. Besides the chance of learning shapes, sizes and geometry Jukka Askare Game for iPad also develops your kid’s spatial recognition and eye-hand coordination.

Jukka Askare Game for iPad Jukka Askare Game for iPad Picture

While your kid will advance in the skill of moving colorful parts on the iPad display with their finger the Jukka Askare Game for iPad emulates a 3-D environment. This application has no language and your kid will have no problem using it and he will understand very fast what this game is about, this app is international.

“A digital game can never replace a real toy, as it lacks the tactile aspect which is a major part of learning. On the other hand, digital games are more environmentally friendly, and they can be a handy addition if the family home doesn’t have much room for toys. Finding high-quality and durable wood for the manufacture of physical toys can be a challenge, which is why the app also has ecological benefits,” says Managing Director Eero Aalto.

This game has an easy gaming and it has been tested by adults and by children alike. Its developers made a really good work with its realistic 3D-animations. During the game your kid will have while playing some cute little surprises. Beside of the realistic 3D-animations the developers also made a good work with the inspiring sounds of Jukka Askare Game for iPad.

Next I will present you the features list as listed on the application store:
– Easy gaming, tested by children and adults alike
– Realistic 3D-animations
– Inspiring sounds
– Cute little surprises
– Wood-solid operation

You can buy this fun and educational game for iPad from the app store for $0.99.