Math Learning for Children While Watering the Garden

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

With this fun iPad app called Grow Your Garden HD you can teach your kids addition and subtraction. The way that the developers made learning math fun while playing this iPad application, Grow Your Garden HD, really liked us.

  • Child Play on This Math App

Currently this game has only twelve levels of learning and your kid will star with level one and he will learn math during the whole twelve levels. After opening this beautiful application your child is going to learn how to water the plants and how to refill the water cans with some child-friendly tutorials. The difficulty of the Grow Your Garden HD will grow when the numbers don’t pair up exactly. To grow the seed that is planted in the pot each flower needs an exact number again of water drops. This iPad app has three stages and each of them has twelve levels so your child will be able to complete a total of 36 games in order to complete your garden. To advance in thin fun game application your kid will have to use logic child and problem solving to advance through all levels. To find out the solutions your kid will have to take the water back and forth between cans to obtain the exact amounts of water. In this game you will find out that sometimes the water cans already have water in them and sometimes the game shows you one water can that you won’t need it at all.

Math Learning for Children While Watering the Garden Math Learning for Children While Watering the Garden Picture
  • Tiny Concerns for This iPad App

One of this game feature concern us is the one that shows that the plants are dying if they are overwatered. Some of you that are new parents may find this feature a bit offensive along with the flowers that are dead and the gravestone of them with R.I.P after dying. We think that this is ok because the death is one of the life’s parts and your kid are accustomed to a content like this on children’s TV. In our opinion one of this iPad app is the one that there are only 12 levels and we think that the developers should consider to release an update with more levels to play, because this game is wonderful for kids to learn math and more levels will mean more math for kids.

Math Learning for Children While Watering the Garden Math Learning for Children While Watering the Garden Picture

You can buy for your kids this application from the app store. It is available on the store for $1.99 and we think that for your children will worth to spend this amount of money.