Movie Mount Case + iPad 2 App by Makayama

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

A new Movie Mont system that also can be an iPad 2 case has been designed by Makayama. Your iPad 2 tablets will be turned with this application into a movie studio and you will be able to have the full control over your videos and photo captures from your iPad 2 device.

With this new case, Movie Mount, you can attach to your device professional grade peripherals like wide angle lenses, microphones, tele-lenses and lights. With the Movie Mount case with a standard screwfitting attaches to your tri-pod.

Movie Mount Case + iPad 2 App by Makayama Movie Mount Case + iPad 2 App by Makayama Picture

For the photographers and videographers the Movie Mount iPad 2 case mount system is a really ingenious design that is a really amazing case. Movie Mount Case is also working with the Apple Smart Cover. This case is also compatible with an iPad 2 app that is free on the application store and you can download it from here.

For a better sound the Movie Mount Case is using shotgun microphones for a better sound but you will need a splitter cable to connect it. This case is also using an optical viewfinder so that you can be able to shoot in bright sunlight at a really good quality. When the light is low you can use a video light that Movie Mount Case has for better performance. You can easily edit your movies and your photos with the iMovie editing. With that feature you will work at a 9 degree working angle that will let your work relaxed. The Movie Mount case uses 37 mm conversion lenses for a better wide angle shooting and a better zoom.

Below you have a full list with all the Movie Mount Case features:

  • Attached a tripod for stable shots, pan & tilt camera movements. Standard screwfitting.
  • Use 37 mm conversion lenses, such as wide angle and zoom*.
  • Slide on-the-fly between the built-in lens and the conversion lens.
  • Use shotgun microphones for better sound (requires splitter cable).
  • Use an optical viewfinder to shoot in bright sunlight.
  • Use a video light for better performance in low light.
  • Easier iMovie editing, with a 9 degrees working angle.
  • The mount allows your iPad to stand upright and be used as monitor.

You can pre-order the Makayama Movie Mount iPad 2 accesory for $69.95, in EUR is 49.95, and your case will be shipped in October.