New Apple releases we can’t wait to see

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

September 9, 2015 is a big date, not only for Apple fans and tech geeks, but also for journalists. On this day, Apple is expected to make new product announcements and expand their ecosystem. There have been no official statements yet: so far, we only have some rumors, but, judging from the pattern set by the tech giant and the products that need improvement, we can undoubtedly draft a list of the things everyone wants to see. Until official Apple news releases are made public, here the updates and improvements that the tech community wants to see presented on the Apple event on September 9.

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A brand new iPhone


Will it be an iPhone 7, iPhone 6S or will Apple choose new terminology, like “the new iPhone”. So far, the name of Apple’s new flagship smartphone is only speculation, but, no matter how they call it, fans will definitely pre-order it and queue in front of Apple stores. The rumored features of the new phone include an A9 processor and an improved, more accurate version of the Touch ID. No one expects the new iPhone to bring a huge difference compared to the iPhone 6, but rather to come with fixes and improvements. Tech experts expect minor to no changes in terms of design, but one thing that will definitely be all over the news is the camera. iPhone 6 already has one of the best cameras in its generation, the only serious competition coming from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, but will this improvement also surpass the recently announced Galaxy Note 5?


iOS 9


With a new iPhone comes a new operating system. The rumored iOS 9 should bring a major improvement in terms of performance and usability. Apple seems to be working a lot on making voice search and Siri even more accurate and easy to use. One of the things that users want to see is the implementation of contextual reminders and expensive search results. Those who have the iPhone 6 Plus or the iPad are the waiting for the hyped split-screen multitasking – a feature which Windows devices have had for a long time, but which Apple has delayed implementing.


OS X El Capitan


Unlike the other rumored releases, OS X El Capitan was officially presented on June 8 and Mac users are waiting for the update to be rolled out in autumn. There are no huge design changes; Apple seems to have focused more on improving the user experience and simplifying actions such as searching. The Notes app is better than ever before and the multi-windows will definitely make it easier for users to do more tasks at the same time.


These are the major releases that fans are looking forward to the most, but they will definitely not be the only ones covered at the Apple event. Tech journalists are also talking about a new Apple TV and the new iPad Pro, which should be larger than the iPad Air and have a sleeker, more minimalist design. There are no official photos of it yet, so all fans have to do is wait until the Apple event.