New iPad App-Google Catalogs

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

Google Catalogs Google Catalogs Picture

Google was inspired by the iPads’ popularity when it released the New iPad App – Google Catalogs. This iPad app was designed to be for the all types of major tablet devices but now is available only for iPad. The new iPad App Google Catalogs presents the retailers’ catalogs like L.L. Bean, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Included features in this iPad app are zooming and the possibility of sharing the content of the catalogs, but also it allows you to buy from the internet if you want some products from the catalogs that you just viewed.

It’s great because you can swipe through your favorite catalogs in a digital format on your iPad display. So say good bye to the shattered catalogs on your table or on the floor, now you can have all of them in a great iPad app called Google Catalogs. It was a great idea for Google to extend their engine search even on an iPad, that’s the most popular new search platform. You can view in some videos and screenshots below the local special offers and all the information that you need about this iPad app.

Google Catalogs Google Catalogs Picture

You can also create personal albums and search for your favorite products that you viewed on the catalogs at local vendors if you’re having a Wi-Fi connection. This will make Google very popular for all the iPad app users in the entire world, because everything becomes easier when you have it on your display.

But the fashion fans are not the only target for the new iPad app Google Catalogs. You will see that the game-changing iPad has seven areas: Women’s Fashion and Apparel, Men’s Fashion and Apparel, Jewelry, Beauty, Kid/Toddler/Baby, Gifts and Home, which means that you can get everything that you need. There are already 50 brands involved in this iPad app right now so in the future maybe Google Catalogs will have the father of the all catalogs, the inspiring J. Crew book.

Google Catalogs Google Catalogs Picture

If you love this great idea of having everything that you need in an iPad app like Google Catalogs than don’t hesitate and download it from the iTunes store for free. You will forget about your old life, when you were sitting on the floor surrounded by dozen of catalogs. Now you will have it all in you iPad because of the new iPad App Google Catalogs just with a click.