Noisepad iPad App

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

A new application came out for iPad. This new application is called Noisepad and it’s for musicians. Noisepad iPad App is really nice for musicians’ parties and live performances where people are going to stand up when they’ll hear these beats.

Noisepad iPad App is a drum computer that has the newest samples, beats and vocals from A-list producers and artists. Noisepad iPad App is developed by iPhonk developers, they are a devision of MediaGROE, have maked an ingenious easy-to-use application that has lots of whistles and bells. The developers from iPhonk smartly made realtime effects into Noisepad iPad App that includes delay, cut-off, phase, pitch, bit-brush and reverb. Another nice thing at this application is that you can upload via iTunes to the custom sound banks of the Noisepad app your own samples.

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The development of this application has a story behind it that was with the upcoming artist Chuckie in mind. This app was created as a live set tool for on stage performance by its developers from iPhonk that managed to make this application really user friendly when it’s used for live set.
Noisepad iPad App has some really nice features. A nice feature lets you set the Noisepad volume separately from the device volume. Another feature that really liked us is the one that lets you play a track in iTunes and in the same time you can make some noise on the same device.

Noisepad iPad App Noisepad iPad App Picture

Below I will present you the list of features that is on the app store:
– Sound effects: Pitch . Delay . Phase . Cut-off . Reverb . Crush
– Slider double tap: reset the effect to the off position
– Soundbanks: samples & beats are organized into multiple sets
– Cut: each sample cuts previous sample
– L/R: switch the orientation to suit left or right handed
– Tap: tap for the tempo of your effects
– Volume: set the Noisepad volume separately from the device volume
– Effects Dry / Wet: set effect strength from 0 to 100%
– Audio output: output meter
– In-App shop: download the latest samples from your favorite artists
– Background music: play a track in iTunes and make some noise on the same device
– Custom soundbank: upload your own samples using iTunes*
* Supported sound formats:
(.CAF / .WAV / .MP3 audio files, 22khz / 44khz / 48khz, stereo / mono ).

You can buy Noisepad iPad App from the app store for $2.99 and at this price you will get a free Chuckie sound bank.