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Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

Painting with Time App Painting with Time App Picture

Thinking of New Years day as a fresh start or a new beginning it has been always a really nice thing. An amazing iPad application that we’ve found will give you the chance to have a new look at your world while the clock ticks down. Red Hill Studios just released Painting with Time App for iPad. This studio is an award-winning Bay Area trans media design company that develops online science games and apps, immerse museum exhibitions and interactive games for health. The Exploring Time documentary series is brought to you by them. After just a few minutes spending in Painting with Time App you will realize that this design idea is really intelligent. Painting with Time will expand your view of the world and can also open your mind to possibilities in our opinion. This application is a unique and entertaining new idea. Shortly, Painting with Time App will allow you to enjoy brushing in the iPad device and playing with the flow of time in a given landscape.

Painting with Time App Painting with Time App Picture

The 14 custom image sets offered by Painting with Time App will let you explore the peculiar ways the world around you is changing while you are using your finger as a brush stroke. We played with one of this 14 image sets and that was the San Francisco over-a-day sequence that show you the changing light of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. When I was using the beard growing image set I got lost. This set lets you to combine and brush different time frames and make some intriguing facial fashion looks. A beautiful and eye-opener set is another included image set that displays dramatic transformations caused by climate change.

Next I’m going to list the features that are listed on the application store:
• 14 carefully crafted time sequences of nature, art, and people
• Painting Time manipulation mode
• Slicing Time manipulation mode
• Eight preset brushes and slicing patterns
• “Mix and Merge” capability to merge a variety of time views within composites

You can experiment with five different brush strokes that were included by the developers’ of Painting with Time App. The feature that we liked very much is that one that lets you to time slice and change the image set to discover a multi-image view of a given image. Your appreciations will not be only for the interactive touch time manipulation of these images they will be also for how this application can let you expand your daily view of the world.

You can download from the app store for free this amazing app called Painting with Time App.