Proper data securing – Single Sign On

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

In our era, it is quite natural for us to want to secure our sensitive data. Especially business related clients, find such innovations great, because they provide a series of advantages in terms of security and usability matters. Not only do Single Sign On applications offer increased security for the user, but they also come with the great advantage of not being necessary for them to remember or use multiple passwords for multiple accounts. However, let’s see below what are the extended benefits of such applications.

Proper data securing - Single Sign On

1. It removes the necessity to remember and juggle with multiple passwords

Many help desk workers claim that most of the calls that reach them are password resetting related. People tend to forget their passwords if they juggle with multiple accounts on multiple platforms, and it is natural. Especially if you don’t use those accounts on the daily basis. However, if you have a software that allows one to reduce the number of login passwords they have to remember, the chances of them to forget them is reduced, making easier the helpdesk’s tasks. Not to mention the help they provide to the holder of the account.

2. Automatic login options allow the user to have a better experience

Any organization needs to offer increased levels of performance and usability to their clients. This requires constant investments to be made in the operating systems and software used. Luckily, these timesaving features are found in SSO software. They allow the user to focus more on their duties and less on remembering passwords and other techy steps. Automatic login features for intranet corporate networks come in handy for users around the globe if we consider the amounts of time saved by skipping this annoying step.

3. No more account lockout emergencies for users

In a strong relationship with the first mentioned benefit of SSO comes this one, consisting in reduced risks of accidental user lockout.  If a user keeps introducing a wrong password, the account will be automatically blocked. Helpdesks confront frequently these issues as well. However, SSO helps users get rid of this prospect easily, and helpdesk staff of this continuous challenge.

4. Important considerations about SSO

All new applications and software come with a couple of considerations that all departments must take into account if there is desired full deployment.

  • SSO applies strong password policies – because in case of failure all accounts of a user will be synced, making access to sensitive data facile. All those who want to implement such software must take this into account.
  • There must be accomplished a balance of policy between ease of use and security, because you want to make the system accessible to multiple employees (take hospitals, for example) yet to create a secure environment, where sensitive data leakage is not possible.

Make sure you take into account these valuable benefits a SSO software has, but also the considerations below. However, no matter one’s decision, SSO assures high levels of security for the user, while it provides higher usability levels.