Rocking with the latest iPods released by Apple

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

For years, Apple has been considered to be one of the leading innovators of technology. Redefining the modern smartphone and mobile tablet, the company has now released new designs of one of its earliest success stories: the iPod.


The Success Of The iPod
Although MP3 players existed before the release of the iPod, there was no clear market leader. Even popular brands like Sony and Creative struggled to make people want to buy an MP3 player over a CD Walkman, and many early models were clunky with poor user interfaces. This all changed with the release of the iPod. Apple released an MP3 player that had internal memory to fit thousands of songs, an easy to use interface and a sleek design. The iPod was a huge success.

The New Models
There has been a range of iPods over the years, but now Apple focuses on the iPod nano and the iPod Touch models. This are the new gadgets to have. New versions of the iPod Touch and iPod Nano were released in September 2012. The Touch has completely replaced the original iPod brand, and its touchscreen features and app accessibility make it more like the iPhone than a simple MP3 player. Combining elements of the Mini and the Shuffle, the Nano is a much more compact device which has been designed solely for MP3 and video playback.

The Fifth Generation iPod Touch
The fifth generation Touch has the latest A5 processor and a new and improved Retina display. The front and rear cameras introduced in the previous generation still remain, as does HD video recording. The popular Siri feature from the iPhone has been included in the latest model, so users can browse the device and the Internet by using voice commands. The Touch is a perfect device for those who want all the features of an iPhone like a high definition screen, video playback and access to the app store, but without having to pay for a phone contract.

The Seventh Generation iPod Nano
The new Nano model has a completely new design. Now looking like a compact Touch, the larger 2.5″ multi-touch screen allows for even easier navigation and usability. It is also a perfect size for video playback, which has been restored to the Nano after being removed in the sixth generation model. New speakers have been added to the device, and it now also has Bluetooth. With 16GB of internal memory, the Nano is by far one of the most practical and advanced MP3 players available. It is perfect for users who want a small device solely for listening to music and watching videos.

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