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One of the most exciting board games on the iPad – Scrabble – comes now with new exclusive features as an iPad application. The interface of this iPad app game is wonderfully designed and very simple to use, so you will enjoy playing Scrabble in a whole new way since it looks much better than the physical board game. If you were looking for fun games to play at a party this is it, because it allows you to play it with others as well, and you can have fun together, just like you would with the actual board game; the advantage is that after you’re finished, you won’t have to pick up all those tiny piece letters and worry about misplacing them.

You can play Scrabble for iPad with friends online or enjoy the game solo against the computer. This game is great for multiplayer challenge, so you can play with up to 4 friends on one iPad via Pass and Play mode. You can also challenge friends via Facebook or join public games. Selecting the Facebook mode you can play up to 25 games at once. Another wonderful play mode is the Local Network Play which allows you play against a friend on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch over WiFi connection.

But the best way to play Scrabble is using the iPad as the board and turning your iPhones or iPod touches into title racks, so each player keeps their rack to themselves.

Players have to download first the free app Scrabble Tile Rack on their iPhone or iPod Touch devices and connect via wireless with the iPad. All gameplay modes are wonderful and you should experience each one. This is one of the fun games to play at a party that you shouldn’t be missing for the world, especially if you like this kind of interaction and word games are your favorite.