Star Walk iPad

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

Star Walk for iPad is a wonderful and dynamic stellar application and also a great astronomy guide. This educative application is the winner of Apple Design Award for the iPad version. The app is also featured by Apple as Best Apps of 2009 and 2010. It features gorgeous graphics and high quality content, so is definitely a ‘must have’ for the astronomy lovers.

This Star Walk iPad app features an augmented reality that helps you learn where stars, constellations and satellites are. The app gives you accurate and amazing information and can be very helpful for those who take courses in this field. Star Walk iPad can track your motions in real time to tell you what starts are in the sky and can also track when the ISS is flying over your head. It features a time machine that shows you what the sky looked like in the past or what it will look like at any moment of the future.

Star Walk iPad Star Walk iPad Pictures

The Calendar and the Picture of the Day features are amazing. You are able to see sensational pictures from space and you can plan stargazing using the Calendar of celestial events feature. If you love the magic of the sky you can use the Big Screen feature to view the sky on a larger screen. You can use all these features and more, and all without having to connect to the internet.

Star Walk iPad Star Walk iPad Pictures