Steps for a good Pokémon Go experience

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

Yes, Pokémon Go is still hype. If you still didn’t manage to master this game, catch ‘em all and impressing your friends, start by purchasing a pokemongo account and following some tips from the masters. All are easy steps every player can follow, and paired with a little practice, you can become more skilled than those training you! Continue reading and good luck!

Steps for a good Pokémon Go experience

Want the best wild Pokémon? Try doing this!

Typically, you will find water Pokémons near water. This is a general rule; however, many encountered them in different places, where no water would be in the proximity! Keep in mind it doesn’t matter how far away you are from a Pokémon, as long as it appears on your screen, tap it, you will catch it! Lost it from sight? Do not panic, chances are they will return on your screen and you will catch it next time! Incense and Lure modules do players a great favour, therefore, level up and get those! The great part about those modules is that they attract Pokémons to you and you can catch them easier.

Catch those rare creatures!

Surely there are several rare and hard to acquire Pokémons, but if you use a great strategy, they won’t stay away from your collection! Of course, for doing that you need to travel a little but farther. For example, you will find Tauros only in North America. Others can only be found in Europe, others, only in Asia. Therefore, if you plan having a vacation, make sure your search for those rare creatures well!

Get an account with preexisting Pokémons!

Yes, some developers offer their clients packs with several creatures, therefore if you want a smooth start, you must take those into consideration! Make sure you work with a great developer, whose products are working smoothly and don’t crash, for a better experience!

Get out of your comfort zone!

Yes, you might not be familiar with a part of your town, but if you want those creatures, make sure you get out of your comfort zone! Sticking around the same areas reduces your chances of acquiring new virtual pets. And you play for entertainment AND for a great outcome!

Make new experienced friends!

While you might not be a Pokémon Go master, other are and it is not a shame to ask them for tips and tricks. After all, this is what makes us better human beings and finding a mentor is what we all need, regardless of the domain.

Make sure you follow those indications next time you go searching for those cute monsters. While it is a popular game, mastering it might be just the perfect tool of becoming popular yourself. After all, this game is all about having fun, making new friends, getting out of your comfort zone, trying new experiences. Therefore, get yourself a Pokémon Go account and make sure you practice well! Have fun!