The Elements iPad

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Built specifically for iPad, The Elements app is an astonishing ebook of the periodic table, which offers you the possibility to experience the chemical elements in virtual form. This app is based on the best-selling book called The Elements by Theodore Gray. It is an educational iPad app, which is available in English version and also translated in four more languages. More detail can be found here:

The Elements iPad app can be very helpful for students who take chemistry classes. They will experience the periodic table in a way they’ve never imagined. The first thing you see when you tap on each element is a rotatable image of that element shown on the entire screen. If you want to read about a specific element, just tap its place in the periodic table and immediately you see the sample spinning on the entire screen.

If you want some information about that element, you can ask the Wolfram|Alpha by taping that button. You can also see examples of that element in the real world and you can spin every object with the touch of a finger. You can even see in 3D using glasses, so you cannot get more virtually real than that. The Elements iPad app will definitely fascinate you, so if you have an iPad, get this app.