Three gadgets to use when creating a PR video

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

One of the latest trends agencies use when it comes to PR and promoting a company is related to creating certain videos where they expose a part of the work life of that company’s employees or present the products and services of it. There are some useful gadgets PR agents need to have in order to create amazing videos that would definitely catch people’s attention. If you want to hire a PR agency, you should start looking for one on the Internet, and might be a good place to start. Keep in mind that you should only hire professionals in order to obtain the best results and make your company known to the public.

Three gadgets to use when creating a PR video

Intervalometer for timelapse

Most PR agencies resort to videos in order to promote their clients because studies have shown that people respond better to moving pictures and attractive adverts than plain texts. An Intervalometer for timelapse is one of those useful tools that would help you in this project. Timelapse adds a great view to your video and offers you the possibility to capture a large passage of time and present it in only a few seconds. It is the best option in case you want to film something that is being built or large crowds gathering into one place.

A slider

This gadget is also useful in making a video, because it is versatile and it helps you make smoother tracking shots. These shots have been used in various Hollywood productions for years, but only with bigger and more bulky tools. Nowadays, you can have easier access to a small size slider, which can be set up nearly anywhere easily. It is the perfect tool to start filming in one room and then make it seem like you have instantly moved to another room.

A jib

Jibs are also some preferred gadgets by those who make PR videos. A jib is similar to the slider, as it is also used to move camera smoothly from one place to another, the only difference being that the image moves from the bottom to the top, and not from right to left as in the case of the slider. It might be more difficult to install that the slider, but once this is done, the results are outstanding. Jib shots are mostly used to show the scale and height of a building or other object, or to establish a specific location.