What features to expect from a salon app

Written by Mark Vaughn on . Posted in iPad App

A hair salon app is supposed to boost productivity and profits by allowing employees spend less time managing appointments and inventory and focus more on improving their services and increasing customer satisfaction. The importance and advantages of using a well-designed schedule-managing app are undeniable, so numerous businesses have started using software to organize their work. However, not all available apps are doing a great job. It is essential to use an innovative app with an intuitive interface to ensure that your employees will be able to use it without requiring much time to learn its tricks. Make sure to find an app capable of managing the inventory, as it will save your employees a lot of time and effort. You also need to ensure that the app is compatible with all devices and operating systems and has the complete set of features you require for a smooth appointment and inventory management. One of the most popular salons apps available now is MyCuts, which can be downloaded from this website https://www.mycutsapp.com/. The application has automatic appointment confirmations, as well as reminders to increase the show ups. The following are some of the features a salon app must have to ensure ease of use and a boost in productivity.

What features to expect from a salon app

It must work on all devices

You might have the latest iPads right now, but you never know when you will switch to another device, not to mention that your employees might be using different devices and they will need to check out their appointments from home as well. You should be able to install the application on every device you own without problems, so you will need to download software compatible with every operating system available whether we talk about iOS, Android or Windows.

It should offer automatic reminders

You should not underestimate the benefits of having automated reminders and confirmations sent to your customers. Besides the fact that your hairstylists will no longer need to waste time confirming appointments with clients by phone, the number of no shows will be decreased dramatically. People often forget about their hair salon appointments, which is bad for your business and terrible for them, because they need to squeeze another appointment in their schedule for another date. The automated reminders will therefore increase customer satisfaction as well as the number of show ups, which is great.

It should offer client management solutions

If you wish to increase client retention, you should offer high quality service. Finding qualified hair stylists is not difficult, but it takes time until client-stylist relationships are formed. However, salon apps that can register client information are very useful in these situations, because you can register preferences, interests, tastes and formulas for each client. Your employees can even write down what they did the last time when the client came for an appointment. Taking a personal interest in what your clients specifically want will definitely increase the number of referrals.